Problems including libraries in Visual Studio 2008

I am trying to include the CE Libraries provided by Toradex into my VS2008 project so that I can access the UpdateTool via code. However, I cannot add a reference to the libraries. Every time I go to the properties of the project, subsection References, Add button, I browse to the Toradex_CE600(ARMv4I)Release section and try to add the dll, but I get the following error: “A reference to ‘TdxAllLibrariesDll.dll’ could not be added.”

I have made sure that the Toradex SDKs are correctly installed (I can correctly debug the attached T20 via USB). My T20 is using WEC7.


You can not add our DLL as reference. Its native DLL and you are using managed code.

You can add file TdxAllLibraries.cs to your project and call function from there. When you deploy your application you need TdxAllLibrariesDll.dll in the same folder as your application.