Problem with writing the IP address from application to Win CE 6

I am testing the network data and Ethernet connection in our application and Win CE 6 on Colibri T20 module.
The application’s network settings read IP address and network settings that are set in Control panel of Win CE6.
However when I change the IP address in the application, a white text file comes up on screen stating that “Createprocess failed (2)”.
Then if I check the IP address on Win CE, it is changed in control panel network settings, but not on the Ethernet symbol on the taskbar and there won’t be any connection.
How can I fix this?

Dear @shiva_eghbal,

Thank you for contacting support. Could you please share the demo project to reproduce the issue on our side, it will help us to debug the issue.

Thank you.

I tested it with 3 other Colibris and this error comes up with one of them.
The application file is attached here link text.
All of them needs a reboot for the connection to work.
Is there any way to get it to connect immediately without need for reboot ?


Dear @shiva_eghbal,

Could you please share the source code of the application, we are not able to see the similar issue here. Maybe am I missing something?

Are you seeing the issue in only one Colibri module out of 3?

Dear raja.tx
Can you change the IP address in the application and get instant connection ? without need for reboot ?
I tested 4 Colibris, all of them needed reboot for the connection with the new data.
One gave me an error of “Createprocess failed (2)” when I changed the IP address.
Is there anything in the registry settings that I might need to change ?

Hello @shiva_eghbal,

How do you try to change your IP, what API function are you using? Could you please share your source code?

It looks as you try to launch some executables from your code (-> Create Process Failed). The white window you get is a Command line interface that always pops up if you print something in a command line application.

Basically changing the IP works without reboot, I quickly did this using the User interface in the Control Panel. The IP was changed during runtime.

There are some code samples online how you can change the IP in source code.

I tried to change the IP address in our application in the network section of the application which is in home → service → network.
Then I checked the IP address in Control Panel of Win CE and it is also changed but the connection is only made when I reboot the system.
I have attached the source code here but as it is my company’s I appreciate if you restrict the access for privacy reasons.

link text

Hello @shiva_eghbal ,

Could it be you missed to to a IOCTL_NDIS_REBIND_ADAPTER . This actually applies the changes you made. You find a sample code on this website.

I looked into the code and in tcp.cpp file and the following line is commented out.

This code was originally for Colibri (PXA270).

There is also the header “ #include ; “ commented out.

I uncommented these two lines and built the code.

I get the following error message:
1>C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows CE Tools\SDKs\Toradex_CE600\include\ARMv4I\ceddk.h(1101) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘pkfuncs.h’: No such file or directory

Do you know how I can fix this error ?
I looked in the folder it is addressed to and couldn’t find ‘pkfuncs.h’.

There are WriteTCPSettings, RegOpenKeys in the codes that I assume try to write in the registry ?
Then there is
Run(L"/FlashDisk/update.exe", L"/fu");
Shouldn’t that update the IP address instantly ?

Could you have a look at tcp.cpp file in the source code I sent you ?

I appreciate any input you might have about this.


Dear @shiva_eghbal,

Quickly try to build this blog demo application, I can able to build with our SDK.

pkfuncs.h header file will be in “\WINCE600\PUBLIC\COMMON\OAK\INC”, you need to install Windows CE6 platform builder to get that source. Please refer this blog to install Window CE6.

Let us know if you need any support on this.