Problem with winsock2 connect method

We like to update to the newest image version (V2.4) of Apalis T30 windows embedded compact 2013. Here we noticed an error at connect method of winsock2 api. It returns 10022, which is WSAEINVAL. Do you have any solution for me? On V2.4b2 same code is running.

Apalis T30 2GB V1.1b
Ixora V1.1A
WEC2013 V2.4

Dear support team,

We found the problem. We build an custom image with the newest workspace to implement a touch driver from manufacturer. The building of OS was successful but I think not good. When I use origin image from you, everything works fine. I read that you offers help creating CAB installers. I also think, that this would be the best way. I upload files I got in the past from manufacturer. Would you send me an offer on how we can solve this?

And here comes the driver.
EasyTouch (3.9 MB)

Yes we can create a CAB installer but its not covered by free support. You need to order 4 support hours. PN: 10000000