Problem with touch driver in actual bsp 2.2b

is there a Problem with the new BSP 2.2b2? I got a touch Driver touchhid.dll from Display supplier, but Building faild with the new BSP. When I take the Version 2.1 everything is fine.
Visual Studio Shows the error:

"Fatal import error in touchhid.dll (C:\WINCE800\public\common\oak\misc\makeimg.proj)"

What could that be?

Dear @JanP

In BSP 2.2b2 we moved the activation of multiple features from the nvap batch file to the regular Platform Builder catalog items. Therefore the catalog items need to be marked as included in the workspace.

You should download the workspace V2.2b2, too, and use this workspace as a base for your modifications.

Best Regards

Thanks Andy,

I´ve allready done the modifactions with the new workspace V2.2b2 and its BSP. But that also didn´t work.

Hi @JanP
Can you please post the full log file here? I hope there are some better hints about the reason of the failure.
Regards, Andy

Hallo Andy,
Here is the build.log - File! Hope it helps!

Dear @JanP,

Did you get a special version of tchproxy.dll from your vendor?

The Can't find import GetGWESCallback in tchproxy.dll stats that special version of tchproxy.dll might be supplied from the vendor.

Could you please confirm your vendor-supplied touch driver files, is there on the release directory(C:\WINCE800\OsDesigns\ColibriTegra_Core_CE8\RelDir\NVAP_ARMV7_Checked)?

If it is same then would able to build successfully.

Hi Raja,
Yes I got a special version of tchproxy.dll from our vendor and I provide it in build step: Pre-Make Image by using:

copy %_WINCEROOT%\eth_wc2013_arm\tchproxy.dll  %_FLATRELEASEDIR%\tchproxy.dll 

Hier are the complete files I got from the vendor.

Hi @Janp,

Thank you for the reply. Did you find the solution? Is that tchproxy.dll on the release directory and vendor supplied is same?

Hi @Raja.tx
I´m sorry for the late answer. No I didn´t found a solution. The tchproxy.dll from Vendor and your image 2.2b2 are different. But when I compare the dll from Vendor with dll from image 2.1, I recognize that they are also different. But now I wonders, why building the image with 2.1 works, but with 2.2b2 not?
Do the Vendor need to deliver a new tchproxy.dll for Image 2.2b2?

Dear @JanP

You don’t need another tchproxy.dll from your vendor. The different behavior between V2.1 and V2.2b2 is probably caused by some restructuring we did in the BSP/Workspace.

It seems your tchproxy.dll did not get copied into the FLATRELEASEDIR, even though you added the copy statement to the Pre-Make-Image. We sometimes faced similar issues in the past.
Try to insert the copy statement before the POPD at the end of the file ...\OsDesigns\ColibriTegra_Core\CopyFiles.bat.

Regards, Andy

Hi > andy.tx

Now I understand what you mean. After building the project the tchproxy.dll from release Directory and from Vendor are the same. So the copy statement is working even if I use it in Pre-Make-Image or when I insert it into CopyFiles.bat
Let me remind you that I made the same steps to deploy the driver as with BSP / Workspace 2.1. But with 2.2b2 building faileds.

Hi JanP

I checked your build.log file again. It shows, that only Microsoft’s standard tchproxy.dll ends up in the FlatRelease folder, not the specific one that you got from your vendor:

  • Line 4473 Copying tchproxy.*
    I’m not sure but I assume this is your copy command you inserted into the Pre-Make-Image
  • Line 112 76 / 11403
    Verify dependency
  • Line 19762
    Delete any tchproxy.* file from the FlatRelease folder
  • Line / 22964
    Copy Microsoft’s default tchproxy.dll into FlatRelease folder
  • Line 27710
    Error message “Can’t find import GetGWESCallback in tchproxy.dll”

As you can follow, the default Microsoft version of tchproxy.dll is finally used to build the image.
If you modified the process meanwhile, please check your build.log again.

Regards, Andy