Problem with Pin Multiplexing on Colibri iMX7 and WEC 2013

We have our own hardware, and therefore we make our own WinCe-Image.
For the connection of a LC display, we want to use some of the alternative pins:

PCLK: SODIMM_111 instaed of SODIMM_56 (default: LCD RGB PCLK)

HSYNC: SODIMM_112 instaed of SODIMM_68 (default: LCD_HSYNC)


To multiplex the pins, I add this to the Subproject1.reg:


"colibripin_111"="altfn=7"	;lcdif.CLK
"colibripin_112"="altfn=6"	;lcdif.HSYNC
"colibripin_128"="altfn=6"	;lcdif.VSYNC


The image can be successfully created and transferred to our hardware.
After the restart, the changes should cause the signals to be applied to the alternative pins. However, this is not the case. Clock, Hsync and VSync are still on the default pins. What am I doing wrong?


Currently on iMX7 we do not support alternative pins for LCD. If you let us know your timeline for this we could schedule it and implement it.

Not good - and how about alternative pins for Ethernet (RMII) and Serial (RS232/RS485)?

I have read on this page (WEC iMX7 BSP release details) that SPI and I2C only works on the standard pins - is that the current state?


Our board for the Colibri-iMX7 is ready. In order to be successful in the project, we need the functionality as soon as possible.
Could you please tell us when you can provide it? Thanks in advance.

I2C and SPI also use alternative pins, you just have to configure library.

Thanks for the workaround, the LCD works and we can now develop further.
Is there a schedule until you can offer the function at the boot time? We will definitely need this. Thanks a lot.

I don’t think it makes a difference if you multiplex it by your self or I do it at boot? There is currently no splash screen support.

Of course, you are right. However, the version V1.0b4 will appear in August and with its the Splashscreen functionality.

You could use our GPIO lib and multiplex this pins to display after system is booted. I tried with PCLK here and display works correctly after I multiplex SODIMM 111 to PCLK.