Problem with creating UserControls in VS2015

I have a problem with developing C# device application for WEC2013 on Apalis T30 (I’m using Visual Studio 2015). User controls added to project (and then rebuilded) are not visible in Toolbox.

I have found that this problem was already reported: link text but even if I move user controls to separate project and add dll manually I can’t see then in Toolbox. There is only information: “The following controls were successfully added to the toolbox but are not enabled in the active designer”. If I check “Show all” option I can see added controls but they can not be used in designer.

What am I doing wrong?

As usual the biggest problem is between keyboard and chair. Everything works fine now but it’s necessary to add user controls to separate project. To see newly created control in toolbox it should be added manualy as was mentioned in related link. Hovewer be sure that you add new control in appropriate tab - Windows Embedded Compact Controls.

Thank you for updating the thread with a solution that may help other users.