Problem going to suspend mode when USB Capacitive Touch is connected

We are facing a problem going to suspend mode when a capacitive touch is connected to USB.
The problem is present with two different devices (& drivers) and it happens either pressing the suspend button on main menu, either when we call SetSystemPowerState() from our application.
After the call to suspend mode the system appears frozen. LEDs on Iris carrier remain switched on.


A deadlock in touch driver was the first suspect, but when we have noticed the same behavior on a different touch device we have directed our attention to the OS. See attached screenshots for debug info captured with the two different touch devices.



We tested this with our USBHIDTouch.dll driver and a ClickTouch device. With have not seen this issue with that setup. Could you try to use your touch device once with our USB HID Touch driver?

The suggested driver doesn’t work for our devices. I’ve followed the steps in the article for problem resolution but… no way.
Here HID descriptor details.

By the way this could be useful only for debug purpose because I am looking also for multi-touch support that, as far as i can understand, seems not included in that driver.

Any further suggestion wil be very appreciated.

Hi samuel,
Are you planning to repeat the test you have done on your USBHIDTouch even on third-party drivers?

As we don’t have the device itself inhouse, we can not do any further tests. The only thing I can offer you is to review your registry configuration. Please provide me the exports only of the relevant changes in your registry.

It is correct, there is no multi touch support in our USBHID driver.

Hi samuel, thank you for support.
In our image we have the following major changes: .Net Compact Framework, SQL Server Compact, LCD settings and touch screen management.
For what it concerns touch screen we have this changes.
Pleese find attached also complete registry settings: 1.4 orig and our image

@lerimini It looks as the installation of our USBHID driver faild. I did not found anything like


Where as xy is the pid and vid. Please also disable the defaul resisitve touch driver in the image by adding any carracter in front of [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DEVICEMAP\TOUCH] drivername and dll.

Hi Samuel, there was a misunderstanding. The registry i sent you is related to the image with third party touch driver installed. I tought it could be usefull to solve the original problem considering that, as you wrote, you don’t have the device itself inhouse .

If your device specific touch driver does not work I would suggest you to do the following things:

  • Disable the Toradex default resisitve touch. Details on disabling drivers on this are listed on this page.
  • Give it a try to use to Toradex HID touch driver. Follow the procedure described here.

we have noticed that our issue is related to this registry key, added by default when installing our capacitive touch driver:

“ManualWake” = dword:0 ; Disable touch when wake up system

Changing its value to 1 all works great.