Prevent black screen AND reduce display EMC emissions

Dear Support,

We are in need of a solution, either one of these:

  1. UseSplashSettings = 0, so registry settings will be used and we can as well adjust LCDBS key to lower EMC, but we will get black screen after boot. Is there any other way to prevent this? maybe buffer strenght (
  2. UseSplashSettings = 1, so config block ss will be used and black screen is no more, but some how it seems registry LCDBS key is ignored. Which key or configblock setting should be set instead?

We are asking because black screen is the lesser evil we want to avoid, the display EMC cause distortion hearable through our audio outputs, an issue we prevented in the past by setting LCDBS key to 1.


What is a “black screen after boot” ? If you have a correct ss settings at eboot you should get bootloader splash screen after boot even if UseSplashSettings = 0.

Sorry @alex.tx, I may have misspelled it.
I was referring to the fact that UseSplashSettings = 1 seems necessary to avoid Prevent Black Screen Between Splash Screen And Application.

I will try to reword my issue: turns out, that while UseSplashSettings = 1, the value put in the “LCDBS” key is ignored; Also, i did not found an equivalent setting to use in the ss configblock, so i set UseSplashSettings = 0 for now, but it obviously made the black screen issue come back.

My first need is to keep LCDBS value the lowest possible to reduce EMC problems.
I would like to know if there is a solution to fix both issues, preventing black screen And using LCDBS registry value.


Yes there is no LCDBS settings at eBoot level. You can use MapMemLib and tweak a HW register which controls LCD Buffer Strength directly from your application.