Preserving NETUI Wifi credentials across OS upgrade

We are moving from WEC7 v2.1 final to WEC7 2.3b2 in the field. We have to upgrade the registry as well as the OS, but the Wifi Credentials are stored in the registry.

Is there a way to merge the Wifi credentials into the new registry? I am aware of how to enter Wifi credentials from application. I am wondering if there is a safe way to do it with NETUI and the registry. Changing our application, registry and OS in the field at the same time would be problematic.

Dear @kswain,

We don’t have exact details of which all are registries needed to take backup for Wi-Fi credentials. Hence I would like to suggest below procedure.

  1. Install CeRegEditor on your development PC.
  2. Take default registry dumps.
  3. Create Wi-Fi profile connect
  4. Take a backup of this registry and compare with the default registry entries using the CeRegEdit tool to find the necessary registry entries for Wi-Fi credentials. It would be relevant connection manager profile entries in registry and also the master key in the registry
  5. The updated registry contents need to take backup on your field devices before update and restore it after the update.
  6. You would try RegEdit tool import option or Registry API to restore.

Please let us know if you face any issue on this.