Prepare Existing Colibri T30 for Linux

We are beginning to switch our Colibri T30’s over to Linux. We are using the Angstrom build. We have been successful with several units fresh from Toradex. My questions are about preparing existing (used, if you will) units that have been in the field and functioning correctly under WinEC7 v2.0 to v2.3.

1> Prior to loading u-boot: Should we run commands in the WinEC7 recovery environment? Such as clear registry?

2> Should we run commands from u-boot such as “env default -a”?

3> Under the T30 section there are some suggestions; however, the grouping makes it difficult to determine which process, under which condition.

4> What is the proper method to reset a Colibri T30 with u-boot to the equivalent “factory” state?


Hello BillGeo and Welcome to the Toradex Community!

The recommended way by Toradex is to put the module in recovery mode by hardware method in case of this possible by your carrier board or by software and recover the module using your custom made LinuxImage as desribed here:

Doing this step, the first three steps asked by are not needed.

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