Pre-provisioning of OTA services


If I understand properly, the only way to provision OTA services is to login to the the Torizon dashboard, click “provision device” and then execute the generated shell command on the target.
Having to login to the device introduces a new level of complexity for our production team which will require training and inhibit our efficiency.
Is there a way to pre-provision a device for OTA services?


Hi Lloyd,

Indeed you are correct. We have plans on our backlog to implement a better pre-provisioning setup but it is not yet implemented and I don’t really have an estimate for when it will be available.

Can you share how you would like this feature to behave? That will be useful input during the design process.


Thanks Drew,

I appreciate the quick response and it’s good to know that it’s on the horizon.

What I would think of doing is having a secure api on the Torizon server side from which Tezi could retrieve an/the execution string. That string would then be written to internal storage so that when the target boots for the first time it can retrieve and execute it. But the string would only work for that particular som flashed with one or more particular flash disks. Getting the string in the first place would be the trouble I guess.
Maybe the production worker would scan the barcode on each som (preferably the box of soms) into an app that contacts your servers. That, along with the uid of the flash disk being used (the flash disk would have to be plugged into the pc app rather than just copy+pasting the uid), which would be pre-authenticated.

Just some ideas. Happy Friday!

Best regards,

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