Poweroff issues on Ixora board with Apalis iMX6

For some time now I noticed that when I power off the board, either using the Power Button, or Linux command(poweroff), the board is shutting down, but really powering off. I can still see Led1 lit green, and I still have power on the X4 connector.
I reflashed the board several times, but the behaviour is the same. What can I do ?

Could you specify OS image you are re-flashing? Do you have any other Apalis module to test with Ixora?

I have a console version with Qt5 and eglfs, and also tried the multimedia image with Qt5. But mainly I used Apalis-iMX6_console-image-qt5-eglfs-Tezi_3.0b4. This issue appeared after some time, but I will try to switch de Apalis module


Thanks for the link, but it’s not related.

Switched the Ixora board, and it when I power it off all the leds turn off, and X4 connector has no power. On tmy board, with another Apalis module, the issue is still present.

Well, at least Linux poweroff command won’t really power off Ixora unless you are using that.