Power off early after power on, potential issues ? Linux - IMX7

I was wondering if there are potential issues in a long term prespective about power cut off at early stages of system boot process, let’s say from time zero to kernel loading, with recent Toradex open embedded bsp and IMX7D processor.
Might this scenario lead to uncertain states ( software or hardware ) preventing next boot ?

Of course there are a lot steps involved, and different domain crossed and may be the question is more focused on embedded linux system in general, but i m here to ask if is there something specific applicable to this module.

Thanks in advance.

We are using UBI/UBIFS for Colibri iMX7D 256/512 MB modules. And UBI is designed to be tolerant of power failures and unclean reboots.

Yes, i’m aware of ubi performances, thank you Alex.

You are welcome. Is your question answered?