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Can you guys please tell me the power on sequence for the Apalis Evaluation Board v1.1 and also please tell me power consumption of each peripheral components in that apalis evaluation board and also please mention the power supply(volts) and its respective connector names.

Please reply for this message if you know anything about the questions above i had mentioned.
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Typical power sequences are detailed in the ‘Chatter 3 Power Management’ section of the Apalis Carrier Board Design Guide. Unfortunately, we do not have a readily available table detailing the power consumption of each peripheral component on the Apalis Evaluation Board. However, you can find these values in the datasheets of the individual components. The schematic and Bill of Materials (BOM) for the Apalis Evaluation Board are available here. Information about connector names and the required voltages is described in the Apalis Evaluation Board datasheet.

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Thank you for your reply .

I am having another doubt of whether be able to use LVDS , fan , SATA, PCIe when i am using only X15 connector with 27v of power supply ?

if not please tell me what to do to use those above mentioned peripheral when i am using only that x15 connector with 27v of power supply.

The 12V power for the listed peripherals is supplied only through the X17 connector. If you use the X15 connector to power up the Apalis Evaluation Board, 12V power will not be available on the specified interfaces. Therefore, if your peripherals require that 12V power (though some do not), they will not function properly

Please note that the 12V_SW_SATA is not a regulated power supply. Its voltage will be the same as that provided at connector X17. If you intend to power a SATA drive from the SATA Power Connector (X48), use only a 12V±10% power supply at connector X17. This also applies to LVDS1_12V_SW_UNREG on the LVDS Connector (X13) and V_FAN_UNREG on the FAN Connector (X35). For more details, please refer to the Apalis carrier board schematic and its datasheet.

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