Posting a message to queue in Windows Azure from CE7 running on T20

I’d like to be able to send messages to the Simple Queue Service in the Windows Azure Cloud from C++ running on CE7 on a T20. I know that Toradex has supplied a library to do this for Amazon’s S3 service, but I need to use Azure to fit with my company’s policies. Also, I don’t need a full library, I just need to be able to send messages to a queue.

I did write code to do this using C# on the .NET Framework on a Toradex PXA320 running CE6 a few years ago, but porting that code to native C++ is challenging as .NET provides some helpful encryption and web client classes to get the job done. But we really don’t want to add .NET to our new products which are written using only native code on the T20.

Also, I’m not ready to move to Azure IoT instead of CE just yet! I know this would be an easy problem to solve on IoT.

We ported the Azure IoT SDK (allowing you to send/receive messages to IoTHub) on Windows Embedded Compact 2013.

this was also merged to their main branch, but in an early release, may be updated, but we have no roadmap.
It should be possible to build it also for CE 7, by providing the right target for cmake.
If you need basic HTTPS support you may rely on OS implementation, see it explained here:

or, if you need support for the latest SSL implementation, you can build mbedtls library, it’s plain C code and you can find a Windows Embedded Compact 2013 porting here:

If you just need to submit messages you can probably using the HTTPS interface.