Postgresql-client binaries not getting installed from postgresql-12.0 recipe

Added a recipe for postgresql 12.0 in the build of torizon-core-docker image.
After boot, I checked only postgres server has been installed but not postgresql-client libraries like psql, pgbench, pg_dump etc.

How to install postgresql-client libraries ?

Greetings @Dishant,

TorizonCore as an OS is meant to mostly install extra needed packages in containers rather than using the traditional OE/Yocto build method.

While your method is of course still valid and can work I am curious as to why you are going the OE/Yocto route rather than using containers. We provide several Debian based containers and using the Debian package manager you can easily install postgresql libraries and client binaries in the container itself.

Does this method work for you? If not then can you explain the reasons/limitations as to why?

Best Regards,