Possible VF50 Flash Corruption

We are using VF50 modules, with Colibri_VF_LinuxConsoleImageV2.5 and Kernel 4.1.15-dirty in a product. We have received a couple of units back from customers with what appears to be corrupt flash. One is missing files that should never be deleted, another will not boot.

I have noticed a similar post here:

Could these problems be related to this post? What is the best solution?

Can you post the complete output of uname -a?

The Linux version 4.1.15 we shipped for Vybrid did show some UBI/UBIFS related issues. There have been several fixes applied to our toradex_vf_4.1 branch since then. So yes, your problem could be related to that post and be solved by applying this fixes.

Your best solution is to upgrade your kernel to top of branch toradex_vf_4.1.

uname -a

Linux NTP001 4.1.15-dirty #8 Mon Sep 12 14:31:23 BST 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux

The kernel was recompiled with PPS kit.