Possible bug in VSC extension early access

When removing a device from the device list it removes that device and all the devices below it in the list, see attached images where I click on the - symbol next to item 6.
I can see config.yaml loses the lines as well. When I paste them back into config.yaml I have to restart to get them picked up.

Greetings @edwaugh,

This is a known issue and was reported to us very recently. Please allow us some time to investigate and devise a fix for this. Thank you reporting however, we appreciate it.

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Is this an item on the feature list somewhere? Would be good if there was some visibility of what is planned.

The related issue/ticket can be followed here: https://developer.toradex.com/software/torizon/torizoncore-ide-extensions-release?view=all&key=TIE-377

However I checked internally and the bug was fixed, we just haven’t published a new official release yet. Though the fix might be available in the latest early access version of the extension. Could you give this a try?

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