Possible bug in Pinout Designer?

So I was designing my carrier board with 4 UART for T20, T30 and VF50, VF61, when I found a strange collision regarding UART4. It seems that for VFXX, UART D and E are exchanged (I’ve checked with the documentation as well). Even though the pins itself are OK, if I pick UARTE instead of D (to avoid the collision with the SD), it collides with the Tegra, so this cannot be workaround’d.


The Colibri module family standard pinout only covers 3 UARTs which should be compatible across all current and also future Colibri modules. Any additional UARTs may be realised by using alternate functions of certain other SODIMM pins however as you found out you most possibly won’t be able to find any further UART being compatible across all current much less future Colibri modules. Keeping that in mind I don’t think what you are talking about is a bug but rather a feature.