Porting linux kernel driver to VFXX

We are switching from tiny6410(friendlyarm) to VF50/VF61 module. We have written kernel module to drive stepper motor in terms of steps and speed from (82Hz to 10KHz) using tiny6410 hardware timer registers.
Motor driver : a3982.c
Also below two gpio driver are used for input and output functionality.
GPIO input driver: ea503probe.c
GPIO output driver: ea503valvesn.c

Link to source code
We have successfully build and setup oe-core on host Ubuntu 16.04, 64 bit os. And image working on VF50 module and Iris carrier board.

We need help to port above three driver for VFXX module.

The Vybrid has a module called FlexTimer (FTM) which might fit your purpose and come closest to the timer you have been using on the tiny6410. The Linux BSP uses the FlexTime module to implement PWM support, the driver is called pwm-fsl-ftm and might serve as an example. Check the VFxxx Controller Reference Manual for details.

If you are using Colibri VF61 you can use the secondary M4 core. Toradex and AntMicro built a demo some time ago which used the Cortex-M4 core to control two stepper motors: Colibri VF61 Real-Time Demo (XY Pen Plotter)