Porting from YOCTO to Automotive android 11 of verdin imx8mp board

I have toradex verdin imx8mp (Verdin Development board V1.1A). I have downloaded and compiled source code using yocto with help of bellow link.

in the local.conf i have added verdin-imx8mp
and compiled using “bitbake tdx-reference-minimal-image” command.

And I have downloaded Automotive android 11 source code from nxp of imx8mp SOC.

How to flash android image on this board and i want add add all boards changes from yocto to android so what things i need to take care.

Hi @Gath,

Thanks for writing to Toradex community.

Please note we do not have support for Android directly from Toradex. You may like to contact our partner Kynetics if they provide Automotive Android support
Also please check below link for Android BSP on Toradex from Kynetics

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar