Popup window appears in windows CE 7

Our device is based on an Colibri imx6DL v1.0, running WEC7.

We have an application made in C # which runs in full screen. On a couple of times a popo up window appears showing the text “cut text too long (440282 bytes) - ignoring”. I attach an image of the error. Our application is still running but for obvious reasons the main screen is clogged. Do you have any idea why this window appears? And how could we prevent it from happening again?

alt text

Dear @RamonM

This terminal window appears as soon as any application calls printf() in C, Console.Write() in C# or similar functions to output text onto the screen.

There is no code in the OS which would do so, therefore this must be part of your application code.

Regards, Andy

Thanks, I found that the VNC server app is the one that originates that window

Best regards

Thank you for update.