Populate_sdk is missing header files in LinuxImageV2.8

I just created a fresh build directory via

repo init -b LinuxImageV2.8
repo sync

and noticed, that the populate_sdk feature isn’t working as I expect. I have added some libraries that I need with IMAGE_INSTALL_append, namely clutter-1.0 and freetype, but when I do

bitbake angstrom-lxde-image -c populate_sdk

there are only the lib*.so-files and no header files or pkgconfig files like clutter-1.0.pc exported to the SDK.

hi @derhoch

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Could you share you local conf and other changes you have done before launching the compilation?

I just changed MACHINE to apalis-imx6, set a different DL_DIR and added a few libs via IMAGE_INSTALL_append. Otherwise I didn’t make any changes, I just wanted to verify the strange new populate_sdk behavior. Here is the file:


I guess your bugged by something similar to this. Additionally with your inclusion of clutter you also build cogl which creates a similar issue. I expect that you get the same error as reported on said community question.

I added the following two commits which address the two issues:

meta-toradex-nxp: ‘imx-gpu-viv: drop the -dev dependency on libgl-mesa-dev’

meta-toradex-demos: ‘cogl-1.0: add bbappend to fix install in sdk’

You could cherry-pick them into your setup and rebuild the SDK.