Poky vs Angstrom

Hi All!

I need to build a linux minimalist system. Just have the drivers and x11 (without desktop) and run a Qt5 application (with many windows, opengl es 2.0, communication, etc) full screen.

My question is that it is better for a minimal system: poky or Angstrom?



While using Poky for this may prove sufficient it really is a rather limited minimalist setup. On the other hand Angstrom is more sophisticated (e.g. using connman, systemd etc.) and also much better integrated from our side as used in our regular BSP demo images albeit with GTK+/LXDE rather than Qt 5 on top.

I would therefore suggest for you at least to give our angstrom-qt5-x11-image recipe a try.

tanks for your reply. I have already compiled the image of you. I need a minimal system and run only my application in full screen when starting (no desktop, no other software). I only use openGL and SQlite 3. Which one do you recommend?