Plugging the LVDS Toradex screen

Hi, i’m very very news to toradex and i’m having a problem with the first launch of my bord.

Hardware I’am using :
Dahlia V1.1D
Verdin IMX8MP
Verdin DSI to LVDS adapter 1.1
Toradex Capacitive Touch Display LVDS V1.0A

When i plug my LVDS adapter to the dahlia bord and the screen . everything is fine , but the BKL_EN LED on the adapter bord isnt lit and the screen isn’t lighting up .
Do you have any idea why nothing is happening ? thanks for the help

There is no BKL_EN LED on the Verdin DSI to LVDS adapter, so it is expected that it will not light up.

Regarding the BKL_EN signal, it is controlled by GPIO (Verdin SODIMM pin 46). To ensure it functions properly, you need to install the `proper overlay.

Hi, Thx for the reply, maybe i’ve sayed something wrong but here you can se the LED i’m talking about :

And how can i install a proper overlay ? with my computer plugged to the Dahlia bord ? because i have no screen lighting up connected to the bord so i can’t see what’s happenning on the SoM.

You can use Debug UART as a console.