Playing .wav sound files from linux terminal

I am using apalis IMX8,ixora carrier baord. I am trying to play some .wav sound file using ‘aplay’ command but am not able to. Do we need to install drivers separately to play the .wav files?

Hi @Mohar, how are you?

Can you please share more details of your setup before we can go further?

  • What exact Apalis iMX8 module and version are you using?
  • Which version of the Ixora board do you have?
  • Which OS and version are running on your system? Is this one of our Reference Minimal/Multimedia Images? Or is it TorizonCore?
  • Does this audio file works outside the module? Does this happen with a specific file only?

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  1. Apalis iMX8 QuadMax 4GB Wi-Fi / Bluetooth IT V1.1C**
  2. Ixora Carrier Board V1.2A
  3. linux boot2qt image kernel version 5.14
  4. This is .wav soundfile and yes it works on normal windows machine
  5. Currently the ixora board has audio jack and I am using my headphone to listen to tone
  6. Do we need to install alsamixer drivers ?
  7. Currently the “aplay” command is not working

Hi @Mohar,

Thanks for the update.

Have you tried to do the same on the Reference Multimedia Image just to be sure that this is not a hardware problem?

I don’t think they’re obligatory but they can be really useful to set and manage the volumes.

Can you please share with us the exact command you’re running and what is the output? Did you select the right audio channel? What’s the output of a aplay -L?

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Its saying command not found

In reference multimedia image, I am getting the following output of aplay -L

I am able to play the songs in reference multimedia image of toradex using aplay. Which driver files I need to load in boot2qt image inorder to play the .wav or mp3 sound files?

Hi @Mohar,

Thanks for the update. So what happens is that the Boot2Qt does not come with the alsa packages by default. What you’d need to do is to add at least the alsa-utils and alsa-utils-aplay packages to a custom Yocto Boot2Qt Build.

You can see here how we add them to the reference multimedia image: « images « recipes-images - meta-toradex-demos.git - Toradex BSP layer, recipes for the demo images

You may want to follow this page for reference: How to Create Boot to Qt Image | Boot to Qt 6.4.1

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Hi @Mohar !

To play some files, you might need to set the right sound output and the sampling rate, data type (8/16/32bits), etc of the music file.

Please check the Audio (Linux) | Toradex Developer Center article.

Were you able to solve this? Let us know.

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