Platform Devices and Drivers on imx8x BSP 5.3

Where to add Platform Devices and Drivers ?

In old BSP 2.x was for example arch/arm/mach-tegra/board-colibri_t20.c (Colibri T20)
Where is the equivalent of this file on the new BSP 5.3 ?
related to my problem

Hi @MariusM

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Bsp 2.8 for Colibri T20 was based on Kernel 3.x from Nvidia and Bsp 5.3 for Colibri iMX8X is based on Kernel 5.4 from NXP. Meanwhile there were lot of changes. In the newer kernel you use drivers which are part of kernel and devicetree files which sets the parameters for the devices.

The question you are asking is difficult to answer without knowing your application? What exactly are you trying to do?

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I have very old driver , I want to run it a new linux with a device tree.

HI @MariusM

This is not an easy task, you need to port your driver to the newer Kernel. You should check if there is a similar driver already in the newer Kernel before doing this.

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