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The Link promise a way to download a platform builder workspace, I expected a VS2008 solution file. But up to now i did not find a loophole to get out of the circle I am clicking around, none with a download link. Where can the download be done?

Workspace for Colibri iMX6 can be found there - iMX6 WEC Software.

Hi Alex

Thank you for response. Unfortunately I could not find any project file for VS2008 or VS2005. The “IMX6_Core7.pbxml” seems to represent that, but in VS it only opens in common XML viewer. How can it be used to build the platform? We have to adapt a driver that no more works under WinCE7 on iMx6, up to now working under WinCE6 on PXA Module. And therefore we have to add it to the project of the Platform Builder Workspace, as I understand.

Regards, Philipp

The file extension “.pbxml” stands for “Platform Builder XML”, which is an XML representation of a Platform Builder project. Do you have a Visual Studio platform builder extension installed?

Hi Alex

Yes, I have installed VS2008 SP1, Windows Embedded CE6.0, and R2 and R3. I expect it’s not what I need for winCE7 platform, but platform solution should be loadable as well – so my opinion? Platform builder is documented as part of WinCE installation, although I have not seen anything of it… Maybe my opinion is not correct? Microsoft has not just canceled the interest in embedded world but also cut all links from internal and from outer world, and it’s hard to get any information.

I tried to install WinCE7 by “WindowsEmbeddedCompact7” installer, what failed due to pre-installed WinCE6. It seems to be impossible to get rid of the WinCE6 installation, all uninstallations didn’t help any further, WinCE7 remained not installable due to some traces of WinCE6 in my PC. Therefore I will install all new on a virtual machine.

Please refer those threads:

Hi Alex

After many hours of installation of VS2008, SP1, some additional updates Toradex recommended, WinCE7 and each of it’s update packages I found at Microsoft, the platform builder in VS2008 appeared as part of it and tried to rebuild the OS kernel from Toradex. Therefore I opened the solution file in IMX6_Core7 and got following message:

I didn’t remove these unsupported configuration yet.

The Toradex directory IMX6_Core7 is located together with bsp_imx6 in drive D: (not in c:\WINCE700)

Assuming your kernel is not built for ARMV7 I first tried to build each of the ARMV5 and ARMV6 configurations first (i.MX6 is Cortex-A7 or -A9, but neither ARMV5, V6 or V7, as I know)

And each of them terminated after a short time missing anything in C:\WINCE700.…\armv5.… or in C\WINCE700.…armv6.…

The only configuration where build ran for a long time are BSP Template ARMV7 XXXX and Debug/Release (although loading the project complained the ARMV7 configurations).

Attached you find the build log file of my unsuccessful “Release” build. In the end “CreateDirectory” is the command that failed, but the directory is the base directory of the project, independent of how I called it. And there is no need to create it.

Could you help me to detect what is wrong? I am stumped.

Is there a step-by-step installation- and execution- manual for rebuilding your kernel and your BSP? I only try to rebuild a simple driver, designed for wince6, that no more works in wince7 and in the meantime I wasted lots of working days to setup environment and unsuccessful builds.


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build.log (2.54 MB)

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Hi Alex

Yesterday I sent you a mail in my desperation complaining unsuccessful Platform builds with Toradex project. Now I copied the project into the C:\WINCE700 directory and now it built successful – no need to CreateDirecory in the end.

Nevertheless I am still confused about the first message in my yesterday mail that recommends to delete the only useful configurations. Any idea?