Platform Builder setup

Hello. Currently i am working on creating wince7 image for Colibri T20. My situation looks like this: i have platform builder for wince7 on vs2008. I got bsp 2.3, SDK 2.1, and workspace 2.3. After numerous attempts i cant manage to create working os image. I dont even make any substantial change in code. That is why i want to know how to, step by step, create working wince image.

Dear @awoj,

You need to follow similar steps as described here : [Workspace setup - Toradex Community][1]
Changes would be
VS2013 or VS2015 = VS2008

Tegra workspace and BSP can download from [T20 / T30 WEC Software][2]

Please let us know if you face any issue on this with the steps you followed.

Ok after reading steps it look like i did mostly all things properly. So i just deleted workspace and BSP and used downloaded ones(v2.3). Then i opened .pbxml nad used sysgen. I got

 " Error: Could not find file 'C:\WINCE700\OsDesigns\ColibriTegra_Core_orginal\RelDir\NVAP_ARMV7_Release\ConmanClient2.exe' on disk {log="C:\WINCE700\build.log(23003)"}"
" Error: failed setting line {log="C:\WINCE700\build.log(23006)"}"
" error MSB3073: The command "romimage C:\WINCE700\OsDesigns\ColibriTegra_Core_orginal\RelDir\NVAP_ARMV7_Release\ce.bib  " exited with code 1. {log="C:\WINCE700\build.log(23007)"}"

. After some tries i found that such error dont appear with workspace v2.0. But there after instaliong with nvflash, error appear during boot. It states: “Exception ‘Data Abort’ (0x4):”. Now i want to have at least default project working. Is there way to get this working or should i go and reinstall all things from vs2008 to platform builder and sdk?

Dear @awoj,

I did a build now, it builds successfully, the attached log file for your reference.

Just clearly keep OSDesign and BSP in respective directories and select Clean Sysgen. Maybe you can move modified/added BSPs and OSDesigns to other directories. Share the complete Build log file.

Here is my build log.
log file

Dear @awoj,

I am guessing you are not using the corresponding version of BSP and OSDesign.

Could you please confirm there must one only one nvap BSP inside \WINCE700\platofrm and only one ColibriTegra_Core inside the \WINCE700\OSDesigns.

If possible please take a screenshot of the \WINCE700\OSDesigns and \WINCE700\platofrm and share with us. Also, Could you share nvap and ColibriTegra_Core(our release files which you are using) with us through

Let me try to build with your files and try to find the issue.

After experimenting with different versions of “OsDesign” and “platform”, i found out that versions 2.0 and higher are producing error i described before, while your ready made .nb0 files are working without problem. Version 1.4 is compiling and i can modify it without errors but here it is unable to recognize card SD. In ready made .nb0 there is no such problem.

Dear @awoj,

Could you share nvap and ColibriTegra_Core(our release files which you are using) with us through, you would need to delete built files which are inside the ColibriTegra_Core.

OsDesign: Platform:

Dear @awoj,

Could you write more detailed information about the issue. I am not getting what you reported the issue here.

I have downloaded your workspace and BSP and I can able to build a successful image. Please refer attached build log.

I don’t know why you moved all the files to the root of the OSDesign directory? that is not properly integrating tools with the build image e.g. start → Programs → Colibri Tools missing.

Also, you told issue starts from v2.0 version and you shared files are v1.4 files with us.

Please be very specific to the issue and share exact files about the issue otherwise it is very difficult for us to help your case.

Thank you for understanding.

I will try to explain current issue as clear as possible.

We have Colibri T20 256MB with Iris Carrier Board.
I used latest OsDesign and plaform from your site. Without ANY CHANGES (i thik its important point) i was able to build it and didnt encounter any errors. But when i deployed image on device, i got stuck on boot screan with “Exception ‘Data Abort’”. Same with earlier versions, to the v2.0.
Link to files v2.2 i used:

Meanwhile when i used files v1.4 i didnt encounter such problems. I manager to build and deploy image and even calibrate touch screen for steup we are using. Those are files i send you last time. Problem here is that there is no acces to SD card. Icon dont appear. Im sure card and carrier board are working, because when i use ready made image v2.2, card is accessible. On the side note in version v2.3 icon dissapear again.
Acces to the card is important for our project, and also i have to modify system for us to use.
So in short:

  1. Latest verion stuck on boot.
  2. Version 1.4 works but dont have acces to SD card.
    I am open to suggestions and thakful for your patience.

Dear @awoj,

Thank you for your detailed reply.

I would like to know which release version you are planning to continue? v2.2 or v1.4? I would recommend continuing with the latest release.

Could you share the exception details with us here? Please enable the debug message, log and share the details with us.

Can you share v2.2 your built image with us?

Did you try to test with v2.3? Do you have the interest to go with v2.3 image? If you have don’t like it then please let us know the reason.

I looked into the pbxml file, you have added following components on the standard release image

<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_flashmdd" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_msflash_stratad" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_rdp_drive" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_rdp_smartcard" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_atapi_pcio" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_atapi_pcio_cd" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_atapi" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_atapi_pcip_pdc20262" />

Are there any other changes done on standard release to build your custom image?

Could you share all your changes for the custom build, let me create an image with v2.3 or v2.2 release and test that then let you know the result?

Well if i can get on my hands workspace v2.2 which produce working working image i will gladly use it.

Here is link to images from v2.2:

As for the v2.3, images build by me got stuck on boot(like in v2.2), while ready made images lacked acces to sd card(like in v1.4). Its looks like it is worse option for me. As for the changes for custom build, device is still prototype and im cant say how it will evolve. For this moment, like i already said, i will be happy to have workspace capable to produce working image with acces to sd card. If my changes would result in error, i can retract them and identify issue. But here i got stuck at the begining and its hard for me to say why.

If you can make working(on my device) image for v2.2 and share platform/workspace with me i will be grateful.

Dear @awoj
Raja is out of office until Tuesday, so I’m temporarily taking over. You can download platform / workspace V2.2 from the following link:

Regards, Andy

Debug messages for my v1.4 and v2.2 build :

As for WinCE image i posted, can you tell if it is working properly?

Dear @awoj,

Thank you for sharing the log files, I looked into log file, there is not much information to identify the issue.

How did you program v2.2 image on the module? Did you use CFG file or NvFlash?
I suggest you to use CFG, please refer this documentation for more information :

Ideally, whenever you are updating from v1.4 to the latest version, please use CFG method update.

I was on vacation, hence couldn’t check out your image immeditely. The share link not working for me, Could you upload again and share the link with us.

Yes we are using CFG method.
Here is link to images from our v2.2 build:

Dear @awoj,

Thank you for sharing your built image, let me check that soon and get back you.
Also, I asked you to share your custom build image changes that will help me to build a custom image and test that.

I need help.
I have a firmware with version 1.4, but unfortunately it does not contain Cyrillic. We tried to create a patch to fix the lack of Cyrillic, but to no avail. Maybe there is a ready-made solution for this problem?

We decided to build the firmware, but there was a problem: Windows Embeded Compact 7 is not installed (during installation it writes “invalid file Common_w3.msi”, although the file is present during installation).
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit SP1 system, Visual Studio 2008 installed. When installing Visual Studio 2008 SP1, there was also a problem …

Help with adding the Cyrillic alphabet to the finished firmware or help with creating the firmware (describe in more detail the steps for installing the necessary programs).

Thank you.