Placement of the application of UWP is no longer possible

In the “Windows 10 IoT starter kit” of Toradex, can no longer placement of application of UWP. I was moving without a problem until yesterday, today has just placement errors, do not you work at all. The file is an error to the effect that can not be copied. Solution If you know, please help us.

“Error: DEP2100: file” C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Windows Kits \ 10 \ UnionMetadata \ Windows.winmd “can not be copied to the target computer” "the.
There is not enough space on the disk. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070070) "
Error occurs.

The program can not be deployed in the Toradex of the board, worked can be safely deployed and bef deployed in Raspberry Pi2. The difference between the two is, entered and have the OS or RTM version, I think it is in or preview version difference. In Toradex of the board, UWP of the program will not work with an error also try many times. Error of lack of disk space is no longer out, also I get a different error.Thanks

if you get another error can you also post it here.
The default place to deploy application is into the data Partition which only has about 260MB of free memory. Do you think you used up so much?
Also are you able to deploy console applications?

Error, such as those attached occurs. At the Japanese notation is displayed as “There is not enough space on the disk.”. Again, i will see that there is no free space on the disk. The Raspberry Pi 2, such an error is not at all. How do you have can I do to deal heck? It really troubled. I am a writer, it is necessary to write an article, so there is also a delivery time, it really troubled. Please tell me the means that can be somehow resolved.Thanks.

Did you try to deploy a console application (コンソールアプリ) ?

Memory do not think i am using so much. Only the UWP of the program of the crucifixion the image on the Image in VS2015 just trying to put on Toradex of the board. It is, I can not.

I do not know how to console app in UWP.

There is 4GB of total eMMC Flash, it is partitioned in different areas. Can you check how much flashstorage you have left? You can SSH onto the device to check the capacity.

Hi here are the instructions to use a console application:

I also recommend to delete old application in the webinterface, maybe if you did a lot of test the 260MB are filled up.


@Kuniyasu-san, can you try the following?

  1. go to the c:\data\ folder,
  2. check the size by “dir”.

Edit: Please use image V0.0.2 or newer, where we fixed this issue. You have the Flash the Module.

The default location where UWP apps gets deployed has limited space in image V0.0.1 (340MB). If you deploy a lot of applications or add for example large assets (e.g Movies) you can use up the space.

The Remove Button in the webinterface does not remove all the files. For a complete removable you can delete the files the device in the folder
You fill find a folder with the name of your application.

To access and delete the files you can use FTP, SMB, SSH,…

I am sorry .I can not understand C++ programming.So Icant not try it.
In App Manger, unnecessary files have been removed. However, there was from the original, only four of the files could not be deleted. Currently, there is only the four files.

c:!126-名称未設定-1.png|658x414 does not exist folder called data \ folder2. So, you will see a message that says can not find the folder, such as shown in the figure.

Excuse me. It was a misunderstanding. c: free of \ data is as shown in the figure. It looks almost like there is no free.127-名称未設定-1.png

Thanks a lot, for all the information!

We only reserved 280MB for UWP applications in the first image.
We will reserve more in future, please see the answer bellow how to free up some space.

Interesting, are the 66MB manly Assets?
You can use to upload your project so we can try it too. If you like to keep the program privat you can send use the link on

Since the specified folder There was my created folders and files, we have removed every folder. Currently it has become a free space, such as shown in the figure. However, i

can not copy the lack capacity as usual 66MB of files. Small files can now be run can be copied. Although free space I think to be quite, Why 66BM about the file can not be copied?

Or free of memory is how much some of, but do not know well how to find, do you say in the accompanying image?

OK! I send mail.