Pixel Clock Polarity of Colibri i.MX6

I would like to change pixel clock polarity on colibri i.MX6. But I don’t find hsync-active, vsync-active or pixelclk-active in device tree file.

mxc_lcdif.c file doesn’t provide similar settings as well.

So where can hsync-active, vsync-active or pixelclk-active be changed ?
Thanks very much.

Have a look at the display timings configuration here.

There is not pixelclk-active variable in struct fb_videomode

struct fb_videomode {
	const char *name;	/* optional */
	u32 refresh;		/* optional */
	u32 xres;
	u32 yres;
	u32 pixclock;
	u32 left_margin;
	u32 right_margin;
	u32 upper_margin;
	u32 lower_margin;
	u32 hsync_len;
	u32 vsync_len;
	u32 sync;
	u32 vmode;
	u32 flag;

‘sync’ will define the pixel clock polarity.

Do you mean


Thanks, I will try it.

Yes, exactly.