Pinout Tool Audio Bug

Ignoring the conflict, isn’t the labeling here reversed? AUDIO_2 ;abel on the left is aplied to sai3. function on the right, and the AUDIO_3 is applied to sai2

Hi @kdubious,

At first glance, it looks like the numbers are reversed by error. However, this is intentionally. The “Toradex Interface Names” on the left side are independently numbered from the “SoC Names” on the right. The Pinout Designer allows to compare multiple modules from different vendors. In order to be able to do that, the tool need to have the same “Toradex Interface Names” with the same numbering. Therefore, we have to assign the numbers independent of the instance numbers of the SoC.

More information can be found in the user manual of the Pinout Designer in section 1.3.2. You can open this user guide in the tool in the menu Help->User Guide (pdf).