Pinout designer for Quad Max (4 video outputs on iMX8QM)


I am looking for a way to use the 4 video outputs of the iMX8QM (Quad Max) SOC.
The Apalis datasheet offers the 4 following options : Quad Plus / Quad Max, with or without Wifi-Bluetooth.

  1. The pinout designer (version 1.3.13 - Toradex Documents - Toradex Pinout Designer) do not list the Quad Max (QM) version :

  1. I should be able to achieve 4 video outputs based on HDMI + LVDS1 + LVDS0 + DSI1, according to the datasheet : :

“The HDMI/DP/eDP interface and the LVDS1 port are fully available”

“Only one channel of the LVDS0 port is available”

“Just one lane of the DSI1 is available on the module edge connector”

  1. There is no mention to the DSI edge connector in the Apalis datasheet.

Hence, my question is : How to achieve 4 video outputs with iMXQMax Apalis module ?

Thank you

But, if i use the iMX8QXP_WB (being Plus only), there is a conflict between HDMI and DSI1 without even enable the LVDS interface.

Hi @Jishin!

The iMX8QXP and iMX8DXP part numbers refer to the Apalis iMX8X module (note the X, it can be a little bit confusing but that’s also what NXP has adopted for their part numbers).

To create a pinout for the Apalis iMX8QM, use the iMX8_WB entry.

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Thank you, the pinout designer allow the 4 video outputs now :

Hi @Jishin!

Glad that it works.

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