Pinning Parallel camera

I’m trying to use two cameras with the Apalis iMX6 board. There are 12 data bits plus HS/VS/PXCLK. The data format is Bayer12.

I found out, that the Apalis standard camera interface uses IPU data 12 to 19. Which should I use for both cameras?


Hi @Michael_I,

As mentioned in the Apalis iMX6 datasheet, section 5.20 (; Apalis IMX6 supports 2x IPU (image processing units, IPU1 and IPU2) which can be used to connect 2x camera sensors.

The 1st camera sensor interface (IPU1.CSI0) is available as Apalis standard feature (8 bit YUV).
For 1st camera sensor interface (IPU1.CS0) pin details: refer Apalis iMX6 datasheet, table 5-59, 5-60, 5-61

The 2nd camera sensor interface (IPU2.CS1) is available as alternate functions of other pins.
For 2nd camera sensor interface (IPU2.CS1) pin details: refer Apalis iMX6 datasheet, table 5-62

In case you open to other types of camera sensors, I would recommend you to also consider MIPI-CSI (4 lane) interface, which can also be used to connect 1x MIPI-CSI camera with Apalis iMX6. MIPI-CSI signals are available in type-specific area of the Apalis module, thus you may not have to lose few standard features (as parallel camera signals are available as alternate functions of other pins). Using a combination of parallel camera and MIPI-CSI is also an option.
Please refer to Apalis iMX6 datasheet, Section 5-20.2 for more details.

Please check Apalis iMX6 Mezzanine and OV5640 camera module (schematics and datasheet) for MIPI-CSI interface reference design:

Let us know if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

Satyan Raj

Thanks for your quick answer.
Because I’ve had no experince with camera interfaces yet, I’m not sure if I have to use coherent Ports (like IPU1_CSI0_DATA0…IPU1_CSI0_DATA11 or IPU1_CSI0_DATA08…IPU1_CSI0_DATA19 ) or if I can choose which Ports i would like to use (like IPU1_CSI0_DATA0…IPU1_CSI0_DATA03 plus IPU1_CSI0_DATA12…IPU1_CSI0_DATA19).

What do you suggest? Thanks Michael

What operating system do you plan to use with your hardware?
If you plan to use Windows CE, at the moment we support only one IPU and tested with a single camera input, so it’s not granted that this will work out of the box.

I will use Linux.

Hi @Michael_I,

I am looking into the details, NXP iMX6 reference manual has some details about which signals can be used. Since the details are not very clear, I will try to get information from NXP tech support.

Once I get some details, I will get back ASAP.


Please refer to the question posted on the NXP community: