Pinmuxing in device tree file

I’m referring to the documentation page

so that I can modify the dts file for my device. I need to define some pins as GPIO, i.e. use an alternate function.
Everything is fine but I cannot find any explanations about the 3rd arguments, the bit map which seems always set to 0x06000021. The doc refers to a wrong chapter in the PDF (copy/paste mistake from older board I guess…). Does anyone know the definition of this bitfield and where it is documented ?

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The information about this bit field here can still be found in the specific SoC reference manual from NXP. Though it seems the manual has been re-organized and the information is currently under chapter 9 Chip IO. Specifically under the section IOMUXD. This section lists each pin found on the SoC and what each bit in this field represents. Make sure you reference the correct pin when determining the bit field definitions.

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