PIN MUX GPIO pins for M4

Dear Community,
I want to configure all my gpio available on iMX7 for using them from M4.

What are the changes do i have to do? Do I have to configure device tree or do pin muxing.

Kindly guide me.

Hi @narayanamohan

Since you are using the Iris Carrier Board, you should check which SODIMM Pins are available on the Iris Board. Then you can configure these pins not to be used by Linux, means not assigned to any functionality in the device tree.

Best regards, Jaski

Dear Jaski,
The SODIMM Pins are free from usage in carrier board IRIS board x16 connector PINS(13-20) SODIMM Pins(98,133,103,101,97,85,79,45).
How can i set pins not to be used by Linux device tree. any git diff / samples are welcome.

Also how do i configure the gpio pins to m4 ??

As already stated, you just need to set the pins not used by LInux. An example can be found here. Then you can access these GPIOs from m4.