Pin Mux for I2C

Colibri iMX8XDX 1GB V1.0B

I’m using “Config Tools for i.MX Version 10.0” to create a .mex file which defines the pin settings for my application. Ball names “MIPI_DSI0_GPIO0_00” and “MIPI_DSI0_GPIO0_01” are being configured for ‘I2C_SCL’ and ‘I2C_SDA’. What would be the recommended bit settings for “SW_CONFIG” (bits 26-25)? Would ‘OPEN_DRAIN_INPUT’ (10b) be preferred over ‘INOUT’ (11b) since I2C uses Open Drain for drivers and receivers?

The same applies for “MIPI_DSI1_I2C0_SCL” and “MIPI_DSI1_I2C0_SDA”


The iMX8 I2C controller has its own pin config register and pin configuration is done by I2C driver depending on selected speed mode. So at device tree pinmuxing we leave that pins as ‘INOUT’ (11b)