Persistent registry in WCE2013 in IMX6

I have created WCE2013 image for IMX6 module.
Name of my emmc memory is HDisk and it works fine except that registry is not saved there.
What registry settings are needed to force registry to be saved into HDisk?
Now it is in “\Windows\Registry\system.hv” and it is cleared at every boot.
I have done this with CE4, CE5 and CE6 before but for some reason I can’t get it to work in WCE2013.

My bootvars settings are

I have also tried
Flags=3, Flags=c

On i-MX6 the registry is not saved inside the filesystem. We use persistent RAM-based registry. This may sound like a bad naming (it is, but we didn’t choose it), but means that the registry is not longer file-based.
the OS still creates some folders, but, unless you enabled hive-based registry, those are not used to store registry, but security passwords etc.

Thanks for your answer.
Actually I don’t care if the registry in is files or in some hdden partition of flash.
However it should be in flash so that values are saved over boots.
Do you have some sample registry set that forces registry to be persistent?

To save the registry you need to call RegFlush API or to select the “Save registry” option in the colibri menu on the target.

You can find more information on how to save the registry persistently to flash on our developer website:

Thanks for help.
I changed registry type from Hive based to RAM based and for some mysterious reason it works now.