Persist PWM parameters

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I’ve been struggling for a while with certain issues and I truly hope that someone has stumbled upon some good solution.

I have created a new adapter board for a new display connected to my Colibri iMX6 or T20 module with an Iris Carrier board and Win CE7. However, the backlight brightness control has been inverted on my display. I have found that the backlight is controlled by the PWM duty cycle and I have managed to control it using the PWM_Demo app provided by Toradex. Thus, setting the PWM_A duty cycle really changes the brightness of the display. Since I have inverted logic, I need to have 100% duty cycle by default, when the module is turned on. How can I manage to set the default value of PWM_A duty cycle to 100% on boot? Is there possibly some Registry key to handle this? I want my splash screen during boot up to be visible :slight_smile:

Thank you all in advance! Hope to hear from someone with a good idea soon. Stay safe!

This issue can be solved by using the Bootloader Customizer Kit.

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