PCIe in IMX8


I am having trouble using the PCIe interface to work with the Apalis iMX8QM V1.0B.

On the Apalis evaluation board I can’t use the PLX pcie switch (I have seen this is an known issue).
On Ixoara board some devices are discovered whereas others are not.

On Toradex roadmap there is 2 issues :

  1. 54595 PCIe fails randomly → Planned for Q4 2019
  2. 32171 PCIe Support → Not planned

Do you have some workaround for these issues ?
When will be released Q4 2019 BSP ? When will be fully supported PCIe ?



This is all already fixed to land in an upcoming BSP 3.0b3 release planned for the end of this year. You may e.g. test this with any recent -nightly build available in the CI feed from within the Toradex Easy Installer.

Hi Marcel,

Do you have a date for the BSP 3.0b3 release ? I have some time sensitive tests to run.

Best regards,


Please have a look at build #118 (e.g. using Toradex Easy Installer by enabling CI feed) which we plan to release next week.