PathFileExistsW() not Available

We are facing issue in one more function during linking that is PathFileExistsW(). It is not able to link with its library “Shlwap.lib”. Can you please assist us in Defining path of this Shlwap.lib file so that this dependency can be resolved ?

This is a follow-up question to the post about GetStdioPath().

There is no official documentation of the function PathFileExistsW() at Microsoft. Therefore I don’t recommend using it.

However, the function is part of the shlwapi.dll. We don’t include this DLL in our standard WinCE image/BSP, because the shlwapi.dll is part of the Internet Explorer. The Internet Explorer is not part of the basic license that we ship together with our modules. this means, if you use the PathFileExistsW() function in your application, you need to purchase a full-featured Windows CE license, which is in the range of 15-20$ for each device.

For the reasons above, I recommend you replace the function with your own implementation, for example by calling FindFirstFile().

Please get back to me if you still want to go the way with PathFileExistsW().

Regards, Andy