Parallel communication using GPIO pins

Dear Community,
Can i use 8 GPIO Pins for parallel communication? Similar to port B,C in pic microcontroller.
I want to use 8 GPIO pins as single port for parallel communication.

hi @narayanamohan

There is no parallel bus in the iMX7. You can use 8 GPIO Pins for parallel communication, however you have to write yourself the driver since there is no driver provided by Toradex.

If this question is related to this issue, then maybe an DAC having SPI Input is a better solution.

Best regards, Jaski

Dear Jaski,
Are there any TORADEX modules and carrier boards which have parallel port so we can send data to our DAC.

We have also tried using SPI based DAC and unable to get solution.

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Narayana Mohan

There is no parallel port in the Toradex modules as you have in a micro controller. As I wrote, you can use GPIOs to have for parallel communication but you have to write your self a driver. If you don’t use the lcd pins, you could use these pins.

Further why the SPI based DAC was not working?

You could also use a DDS for your application or use the M4 of iMX7 for the similar behaviour as an micro controller.

Dear Jaski,
As you’ve mentioned by using M4. I want to configure all my gpio available on iMX7 for using them from M4.

What are the changes do i have to do? Do I have to configure device tree or do pin muxing.

Kindly guide me.

Your question will be answered here.

The Colibri iMX7 features an external memory bus. NXP refers to this bus in its
documentation as the “External Interface Module” EIM. No internal devices are connected to the external memory bus; hence, the memory bus configuration can be optimized for any application-specific requirement without restrictions. The external memory bus is typically used to connect high-speed devices like FPGAs, DSPs, secondary Ethernet controllers, CAN controllers, etc

Please check Colibri iMX6 datasheet for more details.