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is there a build-in package manager within Toradex Linux BSP version [Colibri-T20_LXDE-Image_2.8b7.-20200610.tar.bz2] that can be applied to install or upgrade software packages
e.g. lsblk?

If there is no package manager implemented in the image initially may I ask you to help me with given options to achieve the installation of packages on my running system, please?

Thank you

Colibri T20 512MB V1.2A
Colibri Carrier Board
Linux BSP 2.8.7

Hi @CoQuarksde ,

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Up to BSP2.8 we used OPKG as the package manager. With it you can install “.ipk” packages. You can have a look at this community post where installing a webserver was discussed as reference.

We do not recommend this and instead we recommend you build your application into the image itself. More information on how to integrate it into the image you can find here.

Are you intending to update and install software packages over the internet as well?

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Hello Kevin,

primarily build-in applications / packages in the image would be of course a repeatable solution.

On the other hand currently the Toradex Colibri NVIDIA tegra cpu modules are ready to use provisioned from my side to the manufacturing parties to approach cutomized testings in combination with the carrier board.

Therefore having an optional online install feed would be in some cases very useful to be flexible
as you never know which e.g. command line tools are going to be necessary for some scriptings.

To give you a practical example, the following packages would have to be installed on the Colibri-T20_LXDE-Image_2.8.7 image:

  • lsblk
  • tree
  • python pip
  • and some others

Fortunately I will be able the next days and weeks to evaluate the environment in our project to then
create a plan for needed intergrations.

Is there any reference source to some of those command line packages that you could exemplary provide to me recommended from your experience? (for example python pip)

Thank you for the links you’ve provided to me Kevin.

Best Regards

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Hi @CoQuarksde ,

I sent you a personal message.