Owner Network Data are not saved

We use Colibri T20256MBIT, Windows CE6, image version 2.2 on Iris board.
I want connect to network shared folder from Colibri. but Login to network server not saved after connection.

I start Windows Explorer on win CE, type network path and enter credentials data.
I connect to network shared folder, save User Name, Password and Domain (select Yes after connection successful and Save Registry).

After restart i must enter credentials again.

I try enter data in Control Panel>Owner > Network ID - not working. (Domain name can be only 14 chars length! )
I try enter data directly in Registry (HKLM>Ident) - not working.

How save Network ID information?
How enter Domain name length more than 14 chars?


Hi Andy,

thanks for your answer.

We use CE5 and CE6 about 10 years ago (PXA320 and now T20) and we have more developed devies with Toradex product.

Our tests are:

1. Install new CE6 image in Colibri T20 (version 2.0 working identical):

2. Connect to our Network, start Windows Explorer and type Network shared folder path:

3. Enter login parameters:

4. Connection succeeded! Select Yes to save user data:

5. We check Network ID in Control Panel (Password not showed and Domain is not full, only 15 chars):

6. We check Registry. All data like Owner Properties in Control Panel (presented only first 15 chars Domain name):

7. SaveReg and reboot Colibri. After startup and type identical network path in Windows Explorer we must enter connection data again (data saved in the Registry, but not presented in Control Panel>Owner data):

In the CE5 (PXA320) this problem not exists.

We test CE6 v2.0 and v2.2 (T20) - identical problem.

We will test in CE7 and inform you.

Do you have another way to store Owner Network ID data in the Colibri Registry or OS?

Alternatively we can use proccess cmd.exe command "net use ..." at application or OS startup to solve this problem.



SOFTEL-DIGI Electronic

Dear @softel,

Do you have a workaround for this problem or still you are expecting a solution from us. If you want a solution from us then how long would you wait for the solution. Meanwhile, I will try to discuss this problem with our developer and get back to you soon.

Dear raja.tx,
Thanks for your answer. We try to find any solution.
We need that in shortly time, 1-2 week.
“cmd.exe NET USE” command work fine, but we can’t hide command window (2 times: 1. /DELETE and 2. for Connect), on .NET tools. In addition, shared folder names with space (ex: “Shared Folder”) are not allowed.
Should be good if you can implement that in CE 6 or in registry or in Windows config file or…

WEC7 working properly, except Domain name length (only 15 chars can write).
Migration to WEC7 isn’t easy, we have another resources (bar codes, weighing scales,…)
Solution is “cmd net use …” command.

Dear @softel,

We have a workaround for this problem. You would use SMBConnect application and run it automatically after device boots that will do NetResources connect.

You need to put SMBConnect.exe and SMBConnect.ini into Autorun folder and configure SMBConnect.ini for your requirement.

We have a concern about Domain name, we use WNetAddConnection3 to set up the connection, there is no domain name that can be specified there or maybe it is part of the username.

Please let me know if you want the source code of the SMBConnect, we are happy to share with you.

@raja.txt Thanks for answer.
SMBConnect working on Win CE6 and connect to Network Shared Folder!
After start SMBConnect and connect to shared network folder, RemoteAdmin not working!
We can’t now connect to Colibri from Network computers (Admin user or Admin Password is deleted and we can’t see shared resources on Colibri).
(Tested without Domain - only local network, Colibri fixed IP address).

Dear @softel,

Out SMBConnect automatically sets the “admin” password to “admin”. This was used internally to avoid having to define the password in the webinterface each time.
I built a new version that does not do that by default, only if you set AdminPassword=xyz under [general] in the ini file. maybe you can use this as a shortcut to set your admin password on all your devices too, so you don’t need to do it manually over the webinterface.

Her is the new version:

All is OK!

Dear @softel

I was able to reproduce the issue here. It seems to be a problem of this particular WinCe release.

Is there a reason you use CE6? According to my tests, the feature is working properly in WEC7 V2.2.

Regards, Andy