Output Voltage on Iris board 3.8V

While connecting Iris Carrier Board v1.1A with 12V supply.

I am measuring 3.87v in x16 connector pins instead of normal value 3.3v.

Can you confirm is it proper or any problem with carrier board??

Dear @narayanamohan,

thank you very much for using the Toradex products and for contacting the Developer Community.

I am sorry you are experiencing this issue, the voltage you are measuring is definitely not normal!

Has the board been/look damaged? Was this issue experienced from the first moment you turned on the product? Could you please provide me a picture of both carrier board sides?

Please provide to my personal email diego.petracca@toradex.com the answers to the question above, I will be really happy to help you.

Sorry again for this issue, I wish you a nice day.

Hi Diego,

I am unable to use email at the moment,

While connecting my Voila board to adapter providing 5.32V and 550ma dc supply.

I am measuring 5.5V at pin 4 (which is 3.3v) in X9 connector.

I have already sent you the pictures of the board through email.

I have searched for current rating required for voila board but not able to find anything.

Kindly help.

Dear @narayanamohan,

thank you very much for your comment. Thanks a lot for letting me know that the issue you previously had with Iris has been resolved by cleaning the product.

Regarding the Viola, I think that using a 550 mA power supply is not ideal. The power needed by the Viola carrier board is normally marginal in comparison to the power required by the used module, devices an peripherals or that you connect to the carrier board. Normally 550 mA power supplies are a bit weak to use this product.

I think that the 5V voltage drop you described in your email is due to the power supply which is not powerful enough to keep the voltage high when the total current consumption is higher than 500 mA.

Could you please try to use a higher rating power supply to see if the situation gets better?

Thanks for your test, I wish you a good start of the week.

Hi Diego,
Thanks for your reply. I will check. Can you send me the details of power adapter.

In the viola board link : Viola Carrier Board | Toradex Developer Center
it is mentioned
Power Adapter: 12VDC 30W with international plugs. This is not compatible with Viola Carrier Board.
So what power rating adapter do i use

Dear @narayanamohan,

Regarding the power supply, I think that to be on the safe side, I would select an AC/DC which is able to provide at least 2.5A/3A. This should definitely be enough.

Hope this helps, I wish you a nice day!