Out of the box ntsc support for analog camera adaptor


Does the ADV7280 based analog camera adaptor work out of the box for NTSC systems on apalis imx6 + ixora board?

I came across below 2 posts (dated 2016) where problems were reported.


Then I came across a post of Marcel.tx where he says “ntsc is supported out of the box for apalis”



The Analog Camera Adapter V2.0B works out of the box with an Apalis iMX6. I tested this right now with a 2.8b2 (kernel version 4.9.84-2.8.2+gb2a7f2f) and with 2.7 (kernel version 4.1.44-2.7.4+gb1555bf).

Note that the color encoding (PAL vs. NTSC) is detected when you start streaming, i.e. when you open /dev/videoX. From then on the detected color encoding is used until you stop the streaming.
So you cannot change the color encoding on the fly, you do have to stop e.g. a running gstreamer pipeline, change the color encoding and then start the gstreamer pipeline again.
If you start a pipeline without an input signal the system will default to PAL.

The first two posts you reference talk about different Video ADCs in combination with a different computer module. The third one uses a ADV7280-M to talk to a Apalis TK1 over MIPI-CSI2. All these posts are not applicable to your HW setup.


Hello Max,

Thank you for your answer. The customer has asked to make the form factor of the custom card smaller so I may have to do this with colibri imx6 512 MB.
I checked the datasheet of viola plus and section 3.8.3 paralel camera interface suggests that I should change pin multiplexers in software.

I understand that after doing this, I will be able to use the adv7280 camera adaptor without issues. Is there anything that I am missing?


Hi Rifo

On Colibri iMX6 we provide a device-tree which already does the right pinmuxing.


I never tried to connect the ACA to a Viola Plus. I expect that to work though. The signals are sort of high speed, so I would not make the cabling unnecessarily long and try to have the length for all signals about the same.