OS Updates updates do not complete through TorizonOTA WebUI

Description of Issue

Initiating OS updates through TorizonOTA WebUI fail (without error messages). After the update process is “finished” (hourglass stopped spinning in TorizonOTA WebUI) device is at the same state as it was before the update.

Expected Behaviour

After initiating OS update through TorizonOTA WebUI, device is updated to new software version, once update process is finished/hourglass stopped spinning in WebUI.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install TorizonCore via Easy Installer on Apalis IMX8QM
  2. Provision device according to ‘new device’ instructions in TorizonOTA WebUI (run bclouser docker container directly on the device)
  3. Initiate OS update via WebUI


No logs, as there are no error messages available through the TorizonOTA WebUI. I’d be happy to provide logs from the device if there are any.

Tested with two separate devices (two Apalis IMX8QM).

OS release before and after initiating/“completing” update:

OS Update to version:

Hey @John, Thanks for making the post!
This issue, or at least the issue i suspect you are hitting has come to our attention in the last few days. It seems to be an issue of devices that were provisioned before some of our recent build/ci changes, and something is broken somewhere. I started investigating yesterday and don’t have a lot of information as of yet!

I created the bug which is publicly visible here: Torizon Platform Release

To determine if the issue you are facing is indeed what i have been exploring under this bug you will need to look at the aktualizr logs while you push an update.

  • Aktualizr polls every 5 minutes, so its easiest to do it manually than to wait around 5 minutes. First stop aktualizr on the device run: sudo systemctl stop aktualizr
  • Then push an update to the device using the ota frontend. The one you posted in screenshot should work fine.
  • Then on the device run aktualizr manually (to specify more verbose logging) aktualizr --loglevel 1

If you can post the output of those logs, that would be helpful! I suspect you will some “metadata verification failed” messages but otherwise aktualizr quietly fails.

Hi @John, I believe this issue has been resolved by recent updates to our production system. Please reopen or submit a new ticket if you are still having issues.