Opkg - no packages

I’ve installed the minimal linux distro from the toradex installer on a iMX7.

Installing additional packages (python) does not succeed:

  • opkg update returns no errors, in fact it returns nothing.

    ~# opkg update

  • opkg list returns only the installed packages

~# opkg list | grep python

Any suggestions?

Staring with 3.0 release number of available packages is very limited. If you wish to include Python to your image you should include related Yocto layer and build a new image.

Other approach is to install Torizon and Debian container. Then you can use Debian packages.

And you still can use 2.8.7 release based on Angstrom distribution with many packages available including Python.

Thanks. I’ll try to reinstall with Angstrom.

I’d recommend to try Torizon With Debian container as well.