Opkg Install Git


I am trying to install git so I can download files to my iMX6. Right now, I have been downloading them to my host computer and then using scp to copy them over. I’d like to streamline this process and remove my middle-man host computer.

When I run opkg install followed by opkg install git git-http ca-bundle, I get an error. It returns:

Collected errors:
* opkg_prepare_url_for_install: Couldn't find anything to satisfy 'git'

How do I install git on the iMX6 running Linux? Or, is there another way to download files from git directly to the iMX6?

Could you please specify which Linux image you are using?

Why do you need a git on Apalis? Are you going to do a native build? Though it possible it’s not recommended.

Hey @alex.tx!

Running cat /etc/issue returns

TDX X11 2.6-snapshot \n \l
Apalis-iMX6_Console-Image 3.0b4 20200821

I am trying to use git on the Apalis so I can remove my computer from being the middleman. The end goal is to create a shell script that will download and install everything for me, but I believe I need git installed to do so. Is there an alternative to git that can download from my private repository? Or is there a way to install git on the iMX6?

Please note that starting from Bsp 3.0 we dropped the support for the Ängstrom Distribution. So opkg pacage manager can’t be used. You need to build a custom image and add the package git to this custom image by using IMAGE_INSTALL_append = git

Other options:

  • Use 2,8b6 image and install git by opkg

  • Use Torizon with Debian Container

  • Cross compile git using SDK and install it manually on Apalis