Operating printer on Colibri T30 via USB

Dear Support,
I have a question about operating the printer with a USB cable on a device with the WinCE 2013 operating system. The printer uses the PCL 6 printing languageWhich drivers should be installed and where to find them? The printer uses the PCL 6 printing language.
Model of printer: HP LaserJet Pro 203dn

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Bartłomiej Tyka

Dear @Introligator ,

Windows CE supports PCL compatible printers. The PCL driver is already included in our standard image.
If your printer is USB Printer Class you can connect it and it will be seen as a virtual LPT port (over USB).
Printing to a PCL printer is almost the same as drawing on the Screen (GDI commands), you just select the printer as a rendering device and the rest is taken care by the PCL and virtual LPT drivers.

Ok, so first additonal question is what is a way to select the printer as a rendering device?
Another one is How I can monitor device’s ports (as virtual LPT) on WinCE 2013 devices?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Introligator ,
Here you can see how to select the printer:

(The link is for CE6, but it will be the same also in CE8)

The USB Printer Class driver will expose a virtual LPT port so you can access that directly from you’re app and communicate directly with the printer to query status if needed.